• Suzanne McKechnie Klahr, Esq.

    Suzanne McKechnie Klahr, Esq.

    Entrepreneur, Founder, Adjunct Professor, Operator and Advisor. I love impact, innovation and inspiration. www.smklahr.com

  • Stephanie Lohrbach

    Stephanie Lohrbach

  • Jen Wilson

    Jen Wilson

  • Paul Miller

    Paul Miller

  • Erie


    America’s foremost technologist named after a Great Lake. Now @CodeforAmerica! Co-founder @techladymafia + @usds. Former @harvard @whitehouse @cfpb.

  • Rachel Rekowski

    Rachel Rekowski

  • Lucy Shen

    Lucy Shen

    Tech Evangelist @ Intuit

  • ruthannharnisch


    President of the Harnisch Foundation, supporting creative communities & effective leaders working to advance gender & racial diversity to create a fairer world.

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