Today, I am excited to announce the next step in my investor journey as General Partner at Flybridge. At Flybridge, I’ll be focused on investing across the full range of B2C and B2B opportunities with a specific interest in community-driven companies, commerce 3.0 (logistics, discovery, payments, social commerce, small business solutions), marketplaces, and the everyday economy. I’ll also be continuing my work with XFactor Ventures (a pre-seed and seed stage fund in partnership with Flybridge backing female founders) and will be providing support to our growing community of entrepreneurs and investing partners.

How I Got Here:

Nine years ago, I…

Yesterday I was on the phone with a store owner who is one of the smartest, most talented, entrepreneurs I’ve met. She’s scaled to multiple shops and a beautiful online presence. And yet, here she was questioning whether or not she would ever reopen her doors. Between the texts, calls and zooms, I’ve had this conversation over and over these past few weeks- different businesses, different entrepreneurs, same question. Will I make it out?

I’ve spent the last four years of my life consumed by the question of women’s access to capital. From writing six-figure checks to women-led companies on…

Last year, inspired by one of my XFactor partners Danielle Morrill, I set a goal to consume as many books as I could. For the last 12 months I’ve kept notes in margins, highlighted screenshots, and dog-eared pages to revisit later. The effort led me through the depths of quantum mechanics, urban planning, life hacking, neuroscience and more (full list of 100 at the bottom of this post). To sum it up, in the words of one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs: “What a long, strange, trip it’s been.”

This isn’t a post about the profound things I learned…

I just finished filling out yet another interview asking me to share “the biggest obstacle I have overcome as a female founder.” I answered the question as is expected in this moment of candor for women and, like letting someone in on a secret, talked about my insecurities and imposter syndrome- because this is 2019 and I feel pressure to “be empowered as a woman CEO to bring my whole self to the office.” But, I wondered, why am I always asked some version of this question?

To answer this, I went back and googled interviews from the early days…

Starting a company to direct dollars to women and only finding…men.

Where are all the women?

A year ago we founded Dough over a coffee conversation about how we wanted to support women with our wallets, but it was hard to find all the amazing things female founders were creating. From that day forward, we made a commitment to support women business owners every step of the way as we launched the company. But, despite our best efforts, we found ourselves building a business to support women founders on the backs of…men.

You need to build a website? Time to pay Anthony (Squarespace), Matt (Wordpress)…

It was May of 2011. I sat on the bed crosslegged in front of my macbook with my completed Illinois Bar Application open on my browser, my offer from Jenner and Block sitting next to my Harvard Law mug on the nightstand, and the clock ticking in the background counting down the seconds to the next step of my future. I had been sitting in that same position with my application complete for three hours, trying to get myself to hit the submit button before the application deadline of midnight.

At 10:15pm I made a decision that would change the…

Anna Palmer

Co-Founder @ Dough & Investor @ XFactor Ventures. On a mission to help women rise with our wallets.

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